Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bryce's Blessing Day

Today we got to celebrate our baby Bryce. Mark gave him a beautiful blessing at church, expressing our love for this strong, healthy boy who has brought us joy and helped to heal our hearts. He blessed him with an optimistic outlook, with the ability to strengthen and unify our family and others, with the desire to seek for knowledge of the gospel and other good things. As he spoke of Bryce's energy and strength, I felt so excited to see who this sweet little boy will become.

I think Bryce was done by the time we took this one. :)

Handsome boy with those big blue eyes

It was so wonderful to have both of Bryce's grandfathers and the Driskills here with us today. Popsy and Grandpa both flew in on Friday and we got to spend the weekend together. It means a lot that they would come out to be with us.

Three generations of Hansen boys
Bryce is a lucky boy--could he ask for two more awesome grandfathers??

We love the Driskills!
We had a yummy dinner and mini pies for dessert
Sunday afternoon nap for the Blesser and the Blessee (as Grandpa put it)
Talking to Nana on FaceTime
Bryce was so happy to finally meet his Grandpa. They're tight now.

We wish that our Nanas could have been here, and all of the rest of the family too!

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